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Event datePariOpponentsBankFexBet comission
18/02/2019KHLBars vs Metallurg627$62$
20/02/2019UEFA Champions LeagueAtletico vs Juventus14053$1405$
19/022019UEFA Champions LeagueLiverpool vs Bayern25168$2516$

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About Fexbet

Start the game by your own rules platform is the totalizator of the new generation! There are no familiar to all the coefficients exposed by the bookmakers themselves, already knowingly, not in your favor. 90% of the bank of an event is distributed among the players who correctly guessed the outcome of the event, in proportion to the amount of their bets.

Example: the total amount of bets on the nearest event was $ 20,000. The platform commission in this case is $ 2.000 (FexBet earnings), the remaining $ 18.000 (90% of the bank) will be distributed among all participants who correctly guessed the winner of the event (A or B).

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Start the game by your own rules

90% of bank

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For Investors

Earn up to 36% profit per month

We invite investors and partners to mutually beneficial cooperation by means of krudfunding. By investing in the FexBet platform, you will receive from 24% to 36% profit per month. All funds raised will be directed to advertising goals on the Internet, as well as brand promotion and awareness in the CIS market.

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